Hotal Traditional Oriental Medicine Letters [HTOML]

Submission Guidelines

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1. Editorial Policy

This journal publishes original papers in the field of oriental medicine that have not been published in other journals or that are not scheduled to be published.

2. Copyright

The copyright of the published manuscript and the right to use the manuscript belong to the author and Hotal Ancient Medicine Research Institute.

3. Ethical Considerations

The manuscript should be based on the Declaration of Helsinki and should respect the code of ethics.
Consent must be obtained from the research subjects after fully explaining the details of the research.

4. Conflict of Interest

If the author has a conflict of interest, report the conflict of interest to Hotaru Institute of Oriental Medicine at the time of submission of manuscripts.

5. Contribution qualifications

Contributing authors should be selected based on the recommendations for the conduct, reporting, editing, and publication of scholarly work in medical journals by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.
The authors contribute materially to research, participate in the drafting or critical revision of manuscripts, finalize manuscripts for publication, and are accountable for research.

6. Original papers

Manuscripts should be well-formed and complete in accordance with the submission guidelines.
The manuscript should include key words, main text, references, author contact information, recent photos, and biography.

7. Reviewing

Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by one or more referees. As a result of peer review, we may ask you to revise the manuscript.
Hotal Ancient Medicine Research Institute determines the type of article and decides whether the reviewed manuscripts are accepted or rejected after the review for publication based on the result of peer review.
The accepted manuscripts will be published in the order of acceptance.

8. Submission of Manuscripts

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